Image description from artist: My gaping mouth fills the entire page of lightly lined paper as I bare my crooked teeth. At the back of the mouth in caps and reversed is an EXIT sign. In front of the mouth are three lines of heavy barbed wire centered in front of the mouth.

Buzz-Zine Volume II: “Taking Space / Making Space: a zine on community, disability, race, and performance.”

Buzz-Zine Editions

Welcome to the online version of Buzz-Zine Volume II: “Taking Space / Making Space” This page serves as the table of contents for the HTML version of Buzz-Zine Volume II, linking out to each individual submission. You can also access the other digital versions of the zine in the following links.

To request a physical copy of the Buzz-Zine Volume II, use the Buzz-Zine Volume II Request Form.

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Table of Contents

Chanika Svetvilas “What I Have Learned”

kaje jasper wildz “untitled”

Jidah Correll, Jessica Stokes, Ames Loji, and Michael Stokes “Introduction”

Gaia Thomas “stonecrop moon”

Lonely_Saboteur “Untitled”

Shanti Collins “Disabled”

Molly Joyce: “Cure”

kaje jasper wildz “Guilt Says I Made a Mistake”

Lisa Alexander “Taking Up Space”

Martin Sweeney “Solidarity 1 & 2”

Rajah Sandor “10 facts of growing up with without arms”

Maria Oshodi “Trail Of Two Cities”

Alana Gracey “Joints Roots Revolution” and “Survival Quiz”

Naomi Ortiz “On the Politics of Being Too Much”

Jose Miguel Esteban “Inspiration”


kaje jasper wildz “untitled”

Back Cover