Keynotes & Recorded Events

HIVES meetings and events are open to the public, including but certainly not limited to: students, non-students, artists, curious parties, larvae, comic-lovers, poets, and all others. Please enjoy these recordings as a way to engage in scholarships and conversations at a distance: both physically and temporally.

Riva Lehrer's portrait of Eli Clare. Eli, a white disabled genderqueer person, kneels on a forest floor. He has short hair and glasses, wears a button-up shirt, shorts, and hiking shoes, and is clutching a small tree that comes up through his shirt. On the ground near him are a flannel shirt and clippings of his hair


Clare Keynote Video

Eli Clare presented his keynote, “Notes on Cure, Disability, & Natural Worlds” for the HIVES Research Workshop and Speaker Series on the topic of disability studies, animal studies, and popular culture.

Petra Kuppers: “Hives 2019 Keynote”

Kuppers Keynote Video

In December 2019, HIVES had the fantastic opportunity to host Dr. Petra Kuppers for a keynote presentation and reading of her work from Ice Bar, Shoreline of Infinity, and Gut Botany. The full video of the talk is available here!

Dr. Aren Aizura: a discussion of Mobile Subjects

A Talkback with Dr. Aizura

HIVES and the Feminisms, Genders, and Sexualities working group at MSU welcomed Dr. Aren Aizura for a discussion of his book, Mobile Subjects: Transnational Imaginaries of Gender Reassignment.