Petra Kuppers Keynote Video

In December 2019, HIVES had the fantastic opportunity to host Dr. Petra Kuppers for a keynote presentation and reading of her work from Ice Bar, “Mercury Worms”, and Gut Botany.

Petra Kuppers is a disability culture activist, a community artist, and a Professor of English, Women’s Studies, Theatre and Dance, and Art and Design.

Petra uses somatic speculative writing and performance practice to engage audiences toward more socially just and enjoyable futures, and she grounds herself and her work in site-specific performance and disability culture methods. She has written academic books on disability arts, somatic poetics, and medicine and performance. Her Disability Culture and Community Performance: Find a Strange and Twisted Shape (2011) explores arts-based research methods, and her Studying Disability Arts and Culture: An Introduction (2014) is full of practical exercises for classrooms and studios.

Video thumbnail shows Petra sitting in a colorful room, reading from Ice Bar while an interpreter signs next to her.

If this video is not accessible to you, please reach out to let us know how we can make this available to you.