Photos of honeycomb and bees have been layered into a rectangular repeating background.

Jose Miguel Esteban “Inspiration”

“Inspiration” in its original format:

What is the breath that sustains me?
           The narratives that fill my lungs
                      saturate my blood.
           The stories that flow through me,
                      out into the world.

                                                               I move through stories.
                                                                                        These stories exhale our movement.
                                                                  We story through moves.
                                                                                        These movements inhale my stories.

What is the breath that sustains us?  
           The breath…
                       …from which our movement finds life and power.
           The breath…
                       …through which our life and power sustains…

our lungs are filled.
we are emptied.
we are emptied into the world.
we are emptied through each other.
                       filled by each other.
                       filled by the world.

                                                              …a breath lingers.

                                                                                                             …a lingering breath.