Photos of honeycomb and bees have been layered into a rectangular repeating background.

Naomi Ortiz “On the Politics of Being Too Much”

“On the Politics of Being Too Much” in its original format:

          bold              bright                                   
                               we take up                  space

                  e x p a n d i n g

between     wheelchair rim     and performance stage
between     furled wrist          and    plastic straw       
between     red lips                and    medical forms
between     silver hoop earring  and    boardroom doorframe 
between     bloody tampon     and   leather bucket seat
between     LED streetlamp    and    gritty dirt 

our silhouettes dance    guarded eyes     laughing loud
                  yet, it’s an illusion we’re ever (really) seen
                  except through movement and tone of

              in a reality defined by “normal”
       they are unable to discern our contributions from the subtle shift in wind                        
              they feel (only) coolness blocking out the sun
              they see (only) the change in equation
              their shifting future                    
              they are afraid almost always

you and me         melting into squishy hurt feelings
doesn’t help                   
               we live real to us                  
               molding a future
               an omen of purpose