In a golden hexagon, a disabled Indigenous person with light colored skin and redbrown hair kneels, working on something outside of the hexagonal frame. Around the periphery are old stylized drawings of sea monsters on a bluegreen background.

Invoking Aqueous Eco Monster Ancestors

Disability Justice is Water Justice

December 2 at 2:00pm EST
Well Hall B106

Flowing with our bodymind spirits, we’ll invite our aqueous ancestors to guide us towards access intimacy and water intimacy. Expect sensorial experiences, vocalizations and light cross~disability centered movement. Please bring along anything that makes you feel cozy.

moira williams (they/them), is a disabled Indigenous artist, cross-disability cultural activist and access doula; co-creating and weaving disability justice together with crip celebratory resistance and environmental justice.

For this event, masks will be required. Come to the event scent-free and dressed for light movement.

Register here:


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