The flyer features three images in golden hexagons. The largest of the three is a watercolor image of Sita gestating in a seed. The picture was created by Fei Rost. Two adjoining smaller hexagons hold a black and white image of a white disabled woman and a colorful image of an Indian man with silver eyeshadow and a bright red flower in his mouth. The woman is Sunara Taylor: artist, writer, activist, academic, and mother. The man is Anuj Viaja: activist, media maker, educator, and curator.

Disabled Ecologies: a Conversation with Sunaura Taylor and Anuj Vaidya

November 18, 12:00pm EST Online

HIVES welcomes disabled artist and scholar Sunaura Taylor and eco-filmmaker and educator Anuj Vaidya for a moderated conversation on disabled ecologies: “the webs of disability that are created spatially, temporally, and across species boundaries when ecosystems are contaminated, depleted, and profoundly altered.” HIVES is an ongoing scholarly, artistic, and communal organization dedicated to developing an understanding of the ways in which matter and beings function in interdependent networks. ASL and CART will be provided.

You can register for this free, online event here: RSVP

Disabled Ecologies is presented in relation to LaToya Ruby Frazier: Flint is Family in Three Acts in partnership with the Broad Art Museum. Funding for access has been provided by the Council of Graduate Students.

If you would like to circulate the flyer for the event, it is accessible here:

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