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Collaborating at a Distance: A Panel on Disability and Artmaking in COVID Times

HIVES is glad to invite you to join us next Friday, March 5, at 2:00pm EST for a panel on collaborating at a distance. We have the pleasure of hosting four creators whose work is part of the first ever Buzz-Zine: A Collection of Art and Writing on Human Animal Relations. These creators will share their work, discuss the role of disability and ecology in their artmaking, and talk about the impacts of the last year on their artmaking practices. We’ll end with a Q&A. All HIVES events are open to the public. ASL and CART will be provided for this online event. You can register using the Buzz-Zine Collaborator RSVP.

Anuj Vaidya

Anuj Vaidya is a teacher/student of performance/media and multispecies thinking, currently pursuing a PhD in Performance Studies at UC Davis. Deeply invested in process and collaboration, his practice is committed to challenging normativity, cultivating joy, and building community, with both human and more-than-human worlds.

Jonathan W. Thurston-Torres

Image shows is a white person with fiery red and black hair. They are wearing red and black glasses and a leather jacket.

Jonathan W. Thurston (they/them) is an HIV activist and has written Blood Criminals, a journalistic exposé of HIV in 21st century America. They live in Lansing with their partner Izzy and their dog Temerita.


Natalie Phillips is Associate Professor of English, Affiliated faculty in Cognitive Science Program, and founder and co-director of the Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition Lab (DHLC) at Michigan State University. After leading Accessible Art initiatives with a focus on neurodiversity (2014-present), during COVID-19, she has begun writing an autobiography about living with her disability, Teaching from the Floor: Adventures of a Neurological Disorder.


seeley quest is a trans disabled writer, performer, organizer, and environmentalist, in Montreal since 2017. Working primarily in literary and body-based composition, curation and occasionally multimedia installation, sie presented actively in the San Francisco Bay Area 2001-14, with the Sins Invalid project 2007-15, and has toured in Canada and many U.S. cities.  Find hir via email at https://questletters.substack.com.

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