Two stacks of magazines on their sides support two zines as they slouch into the foreground. The zines have honeycombs on their spines. The front of one zine is visible and reads "HIVES Buzz-Zine" The back of the other zine shows a pile of printer's block letters.

HIVES Buzz-Zine Physical Copies are available for distribution!

HIVES is glad to announce that, after a few hiccoughs in production, physical copies of the Buzz-Zine are now available! We have about 85 copies of the paper zine and 4 copies of the braille-embossed, image-described version. We are excited to announce that we can begin distributing these copies of the first Buzz-Zine starting Monday, March 1 and going until copies run out.

While HIVES is glad to be able to offer these zines free of charge, we lack the funding to pay for wrapping and shipping all of them. We are therefore distributing them with a requested donation of $5 for shipping in the US or $28.50 internationally. If you would like a physical copy of the Buzz-Zine, please use this Buzz-Zine Request Form. We do not want cost to be a barrier to access, and if shipping costs are prohibitive, please let us know so that we can discuss other ways to get physical copies where they are desired.

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