A Black woman stand in front of out-of focus greenery. She has long black hair and is wearing an inviting smile and shot-sleeved black dress.

Accessible Pedagogy Must Be Antiracist Pedagogy: Resources and a talk by Dr. Koritha Mitchell

As part of its initiative to open the fall semester with tools for accessible teaching, HIVES is glad to partner with the Antiracist Pedagogy Workshop to support the forthcoming talk, “Responsible Teaching in a Violent Culture” by Koritha Mitchell on September 11 from 3:30 – 6:00 pm.

American society seems to be getting more polarized and more violent, but teachers—at every level—feel more trepidation than confidence about addressing issues that are even slightly controversial. This workshop empowers teachers to develop strategies that allow them to be proactive rather than reactive, to operate from a clear affirmative stance rather than respond only when a nasty incident forces the issue. Zoom link will be provided upon request: email nieland@msu.edu.

For those seeking resources on making their online classrooms as accessible as possible, consider the following resources:

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