On a background of rubber stamp letters, three bees cluster around the words "buzz-zine" in letters cut out of magazines.

Buzz-Zine: a call for artwork, poetry, short fiction, and short commentary.

Submissions due September 30, 2020 for print and digital release October 31, 2020 (tentative).

Submit your art, poetry, short fiction, and/or commentary via email to Jessica Stokes (stokesj5@msu.edu) and Michael Stokes (stokesm7@msu.edu).

This fall, the HIVES Research Workshop and Speaker Series on disability and animal studies in popular culture is creating a digital & print zine! We welcome submissions that rethink our notions of the human, question the limits of representation, and embrace the affective and embodied possibilities and pains in the overlaps and tensions of disability studies and animal studies. These themes should serve as a jumping/limping-off point for artwork, poetry, fiction, and commentary rather than as restrictions. 

In the interest of building the HIVES community, we are seeking contributions for a short run (100 issues) paper-print zine that will also be made available via .pdf on the HIVES website. While we do not have a tremendous budget, we will be able to pay $20 for each of the pieces selected for publication. Submissions may be previously published (if so, please provide us with the necessary information to cite where). When submitting, include a brief biographical statement (1-2 sentences) that will accompany the work.

Historically, zines have been a cheap format to spread ideas and community. Early zines were a way for fans of science fiction to rank favorite stories, to propagate fan theories, and to form social groups; however, they sometimes served gatekeeping functions and limited participation in sf communities, upholding some (white, male) voices and erasing others. In the decades since, zines have been used to make space for people whose ideas and voices have been suppressed in their subcultures (e.g. Riot Grrrl zines that pushed back against the “male-driven punk world of the past”). Buzz-Zine seeks to make space for scholarship/poetics/art that challenge notions of the boundaries and definitions of each of these genres while reimagining accessibility and community. 

By submitting, you guarantee that you are the creator of the work and hold its rights. By submitting, you grant HIVES permission to publish your work in a short-run paper zine and on the website behives.org. After publication, rights revert to the author.
Notes on formatting: Art contributions should be formatted for printing on a 5.5 X 8.5 in (140 x 216 mm) sheet, with a 3mm bleed and 8mm margins left and right. Please submit images as .png or .jpg files with as high of quality as possible. Poems should be up to 21 lines (1 page) or less than 44 lines (2 pages). Short fiction and commentary should be approximately 500 words or less. If you have any formatting and/or submission questions, please reach out to HIVES via stokesm7@msu.edu.

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