Multicolored enameled hexagonal tiles are arranged in a series of diamond patterns.

Vexing/Hexing Isolation at a Distance

While multiple artistic and academic venues, classrooms, and forums for sharing creative thought have been closed in the interest of social distancing, HIVES hopes to open a space to wax poetic (or prose-etic if that is your preference). To that end, we will be hosting our first-ever Vexing/Hexing Isolation at a Distance open-page reading.

Inspired by Wordgathering: a journal of disability poetry and literature and the Distāntia Remote Reading Series, hosted by Orchid Tierney, we will be hosting a page for people to share a reading of their poems and short stories digitally while we as a society work to flatten the curve of infections and take actions that reduce as much strain as possible on healthcare systems. We would like to make room to share sweet and bitter things with one another, to feel through this digital nest to which we are all adapting. In short, we would like to make and see what has been made.

We ask that you share video or audio of you reading a poem or short story from your own places of social distance. We have no restrictions on type of poem, prior publication, etc. What we do ask is that you provide a transcript of your reading and/or captions on your audio/video in order to make these readings as accessible as possible.

Please send a youtube link (captioning through youtube is simpler than other platforms we have tried), audio, or video file along with a transcript of the work you are sharing and any biographical information or message you would like to or The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 27.

Once we have received submissions, we will create and share this reading on starting Saturday, April 4.

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