Images shows promotional poster of HIVES event. The poster features two images of Jordan Scott, a white poet with short hair and a widow's peak. In the top image he is wearing a gray shirt in front of a white background, reading from a piece of paper. In the lower image, he is standing behind a microphone array with his mouth obscured, reading from a book.

Jordan Scott: Reading + Keynote 2/27

2020 is a Leap year and HIVES is leaping to fill in the extra day made available by this elongated February. On February 27, Jordan Scott will be making the long voyage to Michigan State University to discuss this year’s themes of disability and animal studies in popular culture. Please join us at 4:00pm in the MSU Writing Center (300 Bessey Hall) to hear his thoughts and work.

Jordan Scott is the author of Silt (New Star Books, 2006) and, from Coach House Books, blert (2008); Decomp (2014), a collaboration with Stephen Collis and the ecosphere of British Columbia; and Night & Ox (2017). His chapbooks include Clearance Process (SMALL CAPS, 2016) and Lanterns at Guantánamo (Simon Fraser University, 2016), both of which treat his experience after being allowed access to Guantanamo Bay in April 2015. Scott was the 2015/16 writer-in-residence at Simon Fraser University and the recipient of the 2018 Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize for his contributions to Canadian poetry.

To engage with some of Scott’s work online, check out Flub and Utter or Lanterns at Guantanamo.

Like all HIVES events, this keynote presentation will be available to the public. Please feel welcome to come and to bring others. Light refreshments will be served prior to and during the event.

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