The HIVES Fall poster shows the upcoming workshop dates. The images on the poster are: top left, a honeycomb with several bees moving across it; top right, a raised patch of skin in the shape of a dolphin, the result of an allergic reaction to a temporary tattoo; bottom left, the formic queen from Ender's Game (a four-eyed, winged insect); bottom right, a wall of rabbits in cages from the movie US.

Community, It’s About US

First Meeting Recap

It was delightful to have everyone in the English Department conference room today for the inaugural meeting of the HIVES workshop. By request, we have put together a Google Drive folder with resources from today, namely the slideshow, agenda, and a communal notes page. Please feel welcomed to contribute your notes from the session and/or your continued thoughts on the subjects. There is also a section at the bottom of the notes to contribute your own interests for future gatherings. Please find the HIVES Folder here.

For those of you who have attended or plan to attend a HIVES workshop meeting, please fill out this entrance questionnaire. It is a brief set of questions that will help us to gauge interests and measure the ways in which the workshop is helpful/could be more helpful to participants.

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