Discordance ~ Jacket2

Over the next three months, one of our contributors, Jessica Suzanne Stokes, will be providing weekly commentary on disability poetics for Jacket2. The commentary series, “Discordance” is focused on the methodology of disabled poet/performers and the ways in which their material experience of disability impacts their work.

You can access the full introductory post here.

In the words of the author: “My method in this commentary series is to engage in conversation, via accessible formats, with disabled authors and performers to discuss their discordant and frictive approaches to their work. I will ask them to describe the ways in which their experiences of disability impact their relation to the page or stage or screen. I will ask them to comment on how, though poetry and performance are often perceived as primarily working in metaphors and the discursive, their work is manifest materially. The conversation with these creators is ultimately attentive to their discordant methodologies as generative of various perspectives and processes of reconfiguring the world through a poetics of disability.”

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