Image is divided into thirds from the top down. The top third shows the HIVES logo: a cluster of white hexagons on a dark blue, almost black background. The middle third has the words "Buzz-Zine" centered between two columns of honeycomb. The letters are cut from magazines and newspapers. The bottom third has the words "Vol. 1 Human Animal Relations Edited by Jessica Stokes and Michael Stokes" in white letters on the same dark blue, almost black background.

Buzz Zine Volume I

Buzz-Zine Editions

Welcome to the online version of the first-ever Buzz-Zine. This page serves as the table of contents for the HTML version of Buzz-Zine Volume I, linking out to each individual submission. You can also access the other digital versions of the zine in the following links.

To request a physical copy of the Buzz-Zine Volume I, use the Buzz Zine Volume I Request Form.

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Table of Contents

Jessica Stokes and Michael Stokes: “Introduction”

Daniel Christmann: “Mertensia”

Marisa Lucca “A Human Guide Dog?”

seeley quest: “Messages in Bottles”

slp: [70.] [72.] [73.] [77.]

Ann Millett-Gallant: “Spooning with Mama”

Cheryl Caesar: “Amphibian”

Mike Gill: “Squirrels Again”

Claire K. Robbins: “For Frayda”

Natalie Phillips: “On Being Bionic”

Maurice Moore: “Raheem’s Dance”

Petra Kuppers: “Mercury Worms”

Madeleine McAuley: “UFO”

Michael Stokes: “HIVES Collage”

Cavar: “Meats” “Aggregation” “Arboretum”

Hilda Smith: “Interdependence”

Jonathan W. Thurston-Torres: “HIV isn’t poetic” “I Asked for It” “Old, Sick Dog”

Kimberly Priest: “First Visit to the Sister Survivor’s Exhibit at the MSU Museum” “Ghosts” “This Much”

Anuj Vaidya: “Transgenic Pigs Dream of Abolition”