A woman with Black skin stands for a professional photograph. She is wearing a fine gray cardigan over black clothing and an orange, teal, and black head wrap. In the background is out of focus greenery.

Welcome Jidah Correll!

HIVES is excited to welcome co-coordinator Naajidah Correll for the 2021-2022 academic year of HIVES events! 
Naajidah Correll is a creative, youth-educator, and University Fellow pursuing English Graduate Studies at Michigan State University. As a scholar, her interest includes contemporary literature, popular culture, gender, sexuality, feminism, and race (CRT) as well as visual, sound, and disabilities studies. Her passion for youth and community engagement is reflected through her teaching and community organizing as well as through her research which utilizes community-based participatory research methods. Naajidah is also a recording and performance artist who views creativity as a healing modality that also constitutes a praxis of connectivity and refusal. You can listen to her work on her Soundcloud: Jidah.

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