Image shows the faces of our spring presenters, with the information "TBD: Public Health Talk with Dr. Aren Aizura. February 12: Collaborative Storytelling with Anuj Vaidya. March 5: HIVES "Buzz-Zine" Collaborator Panel"

HIVES Spring 2021 Events

HIVES is excited to announce our spring 2021 lineup!

After a long, cold break (for those of us in Michigan), we are warming up to the idea of further online discussions and presentations. These events will span a wide variety of topics important in disability studies and animals studies frameworks. We’ll talk public health, create collaborative stories, and discuss collaborating at a distance. As we get closer to each event, we will post more specifics.

January 29, 12:30pm (Eastern Time): Discussion of Mobile Subjects (readings available via email after RSVP) with Dr. Aren Z Aizura. RSVP for discussion of Mobile Subjects.

February 12, 2:00pm (Eastern Time): Resurrecting Jatayu: Collaborative Storytelling event with performance artist and filmmaker Anuj Vaidya. RSVP for Resurrecting Jatayu.

March 5, 2:00pm (Eastern Time): Collaborating at a Distance: a conversation on art-making in a pandemic with Buzz-Zine contributors. RSVP for Collaborating at a Distance.

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