A white man with short black hair is reading aloud behind a pop filter and microphone. He is looking at a book in his left hand.

Wrapping Fall 2020 with Jordan Scott

Friday, December 4 at 3:00 PM EST

On December 4, HIVES will be wrapping up our fall season of events! We can think of no better way to spend that afternoon than with Jordan Scott. Scott will provide us with readings from several of his works, including Night & Ox and Lanterns at Guantanamo. Click on the link to RSVP for the keynote. This event is open to the public.

Between now and the keynote, consider engaging with Scott’s work via the interactive online project Flub and Utter.

Winner of the Latner Poetry Prize by the Writer’s Trust of Canada, Jordan Scott is the author of Silt, blert, Decomp (a collaboration with Stephen Collis and the ecosphere of British Colombia), and Night & Ox. His chapbooks include Clearance Process and Lanterns at Guantánamo, both of which treat his experience after being allowed access to Guantanamo Bay in April 2015.

This event is made possible through funds distributed as part of the the Engaged Pedagogy Grant.

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