In the foreground, a man wearing green provides ASL interpretation for Petra Kuppers' reading of Ice Bar. Petra, a white woman wearing blue glasses and a blue dress covered in lighter blue fronds, speaks into a microphone.

Falling Done

The fall season of HIVES is officially done! This evening, Petra Kuppers led us adrift on her stories and poems, slipping through silvers and slivers of bodies. Between reading from her queer/crip collection of speculative fiction Ice Bar and closing with the opening of Gut Botany, her forthcoming book of poetry full of orange sturgeon, she honeyed our ears. HIVES could think of no more suitable guest to close out our work for 2019.

Thanks to the support of Legacies of the Enlightenment, this event has been recorded and will be made available as soon as it has been captioned.

The workshops will resume next January with a discussion on accessible pedagogy centered on a climate fiction syllabus. Our speaker series will continue in the upcoming semester with poet Jordan Scott and poet, essayist, and activist Eli Clare.

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