A blur-focus of bees crawling out of a hive-box.


We are excited to announce we have partnered with the organization Legacies of the Enlightenment to bring in a guest keynote speaker in December as part of the HIVES workshop. This partnership arises from mutual interests in “The In-Between,” especially the ways in which knowledge does not neatly divide itself into the disciplines. Our joint work will be aimed at discussing overlaps in knowledge and the ways in which interdisciplinary approaches work to bolster holistic understanding.

We’re also delighted to announce that we will be working closely with the Feminisms, Genders, and Sexualities Research Workshop in the spring semester to bring in a (for the moment) exciting secret keynote speaker for that semester! This year has been a fantastic opportunity for bringing together thinkers from a wide variety of disciplines (and interdisciplines).

We are currently discussing potential speakers for these wonderful opportunities, and will keep you all updated as the year progresses. Thanks for staying with us as we comb possible pockets of visiting scholars!

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